Kaysta's Fandom

Slowly my Mii gains more friends…. In the meantime, here’s Aqua’s Mii getting married!

First Marriage goes to…. CRYSTOLA! Wooo~

Aqua and Kitty have the cutest, and possibly best, rap battle I’ve ever witnessed.

It may be confusing without the reaction buffers, but Aqua is the one rapping when her arm is moving. We can’t see Kitty cuz she’s a short kid, lol

Aqua must choose between two guys!

…She chooses the one bribing her with a silver braclet. XD

Also Yob finds out his Super Fav is Yakisoba.

Welp that didn’t last long. Vacations for the both of ya!

Jack you just met her, what did you think would happen?? Also Aqua’s matchmaking abilities are no match for my Mii’s inability to be social.

At least everyone lived in Tomodachi Quest this time?

I’m a problem solver! And while Yob makes functional clothes my Mii makes… a puppy suit. Actually that does sound like me, if it was a kitty instead.

Friendship sparkles! :D

Due to dreams I have so many hamster suits. I think I have 4 different colors now. o_O


Also here’s Riku! Nicknamed Silverado, he apparently thinks Pancakes are his Favorite (one below super favorite). How many people on this island will I have addicted to pancakes???

All hail the key lime pie!

Proposing is hard, especially timing it right! At least Sally has a sweetheart now, ne?